audi a6 c6 lost keys


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hi guys, hoping someone can point me in the right direction here, i just lost my one and only key for my a6 i bought a new key from audi and put the car into an audi service station to have the key paired with the car, after 5 days they are telling me the car wont wake up (respond to there equipment) has anyone been down this road before, any help much appreciated,


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you have an immobilizer, lucky thing is that assuming the fobs/keys you have start the car, the lion's share of issues are taken care of (getting new keys cut, and the immobilizer programmed). If the fobs you have did work the locks remotely at one time, you can get the part number for them and get new ones. The fobs come apart in two pieces - there's a small slot in the back where you can twist a screwdriver to remove the key/immobilizer chip half from the remote half. The part number is printed on the back of the remote section that fits into the key section