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Audi A6 c6 3.0tdi Powerloss fault code 131218

bogyomuller Jul 16, 2019


Egr problem? Dpf problem?

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  1. bogyomuller

    bogyomuller Registered User

    I am new to the forum and seeking for some advice
    I hope someone can help me
    My mechanical knowledge is small, but i do understand a little
    I have purchased and a6 3.0tdi Quattro 07 plate with 3.0tdi
    I got the car remapped and its performing 293bhp at the moment
    With 33% torque boost compared to the original
    About a week ago my eml has come on and i lost power. I believe the car went in to limp mode as it was very powerless and reved up really slow.
    Took it to my local garage where a reading of:
    13128 Control circuit for controller for turbo charger 1 (J24) Electrical Malfunction P3348 No signal/no communication- intermit would come up.
    Mechanic said my turbo actuator is faulty so I had that replaced By AC Turbos in Skelmesdere, they fitted new actuator and collaborated it to my turbo. After travelling 2-3 miles the car lost power again and gone in to what I believe is limp mode.
    Put it on diagnostic and now the boost controller has come up as a fault but with the same fault codes.
    I have been suggested that either my egr valve is faulty.. ( although i believe diagnostic would show this as it did on my E320cdi W211) or my dpf has a problem, which im also sure that the diagnostic would show...
    Please if anyone has come across the same issue, tell me what the issue is as even mechanics have no clue..
    Swirl flaps have been replaced, but later on removed...
    No ignition coil lights flashing up as in some cases
    Eml appears but disappears once engine turned on an off
    Sorry about the long post...
    Any help or direction is much appreciated
    Thank you!

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  3. abmat

    abmat Active Member VCDS Map User

    Get the map removed. Could be causing the turbo to boost too much, putting the car into limp mode.

    Putting the map on may have exposed weak areas.
  4. bogyomuller

    bogyomuller Registered User

    Thank you!
    Car is going back to the garage that re-mapped it on Tuesday... they will reset the ecu to the original settings. hopefully it will solve my problem.
  5. thomasogkristina

    thomasogkristina Registered User

    Anything new about this post. Did you fix the problem?

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