Audi a6 c5 after auto. to manual transs. conversion the car wont start


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Hello guys i need help.I have Audi a6 c5 2.5 tdi.
After auto. to manual transs. conversion the car wont start.I jumpered the car with cabels to starter from battery and car started.But when i turn the key the car wont start it wont do anything.I dont hear any clicking sounds from starter or anything.(Sorry for my bad english)


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Sounds like wiring or signal not being either sent to the starter or ecu, assuming Speedo lights up with ignition turn.


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Sounds like a battery that for whatever reason was discharged during the work that you done. Recharge the battery and check again. Because of the case, (low volteg) you may find some error codes, delete them


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Messed up wiring is guess. It's probably seeing a nss (neutral safety switch) from the old auto tranny wiring indicating the car is in gear(not neutral or park) so it wont even turn over

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