audi a6 bitdi


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Have an audi a6 2015 3.0bitdi.It won’t regen dpf it self.2 month ago had the car for exhaust gas temp sensor replacement and dpf cleaning at indi audi specialist.Yesterday the problem came back after only 524 miles and diagnostic tool showed that dpf is almost blocked again and the same exhaust gas temp sensor fault returned.The last regen indicated 524 miles ago which is at the audi specialist.Is anyone know what could be a reason that the car keep breaking a sensor and won’t regen it self?
The car has only 48k miles on the clock
Many thanks
I am no expert but that few miles over two months, it may just need a good thrashing down a dual carriageway. There is a good chance the car is never getting up to temp or into the conditions required to do a regen.

For context I do 600 miles a week and have had zero issues with regens over the 40k miles I have owned mine.

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You are right to be honest but not in this case because the car only was taken 4 times on the road for around 130 miles a day and around 85% is a motorway drive as I’ve been travelling to the same place in all 4 occasions.Thanks for your time anyway