Audi A6 Avant Aerial Question - Bits missing ;0(


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Audi A6 Avant Aerial Question.

My 2003 Avant has an after market head unit, and the thing is using some dodgy electrical aerial stuck under the front passenger side foot well.

In the boot where I guess the cd player would have been there are various wires, and wiring harnesses, and most importantly a black wire that I assume would have run up to the Audi aerial.

Can anyone tell, me or post a picture as to what that should plug into, and also, what path the aerial wire takes from the radio back to the boot.

As I can not listen to the Radio, this is driving me slowly mad.




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Additional, can some one please tell me that the black box circled is, what factory sound I would have had before the stereo was removed, based on the subwoofer speaker thing left behind, and is there any way of getting the subwoofer to work with an after market stereo. What is the black wire with the silver end pictured in this post, if for a phone or the main aerial. Finally what is the connector that looks like it was plugged into a module in the pas.

Thanks in advance.


What is this ? (above)

what usually lives in here ;0(

If this for my radio aerial or a phone ?

What does this module do?


What did this connect to?

Any clarity would be welcomed.


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can't help you much but have original in my car still, audi navigation plus. the sound quality is fantastic and better than my home stereo system. in the left side compartment in boot all that is there is the 6 cd changer, audi toolkit, retrofit reversing sensors control module & reservoir for air spring suspension. I don't have the TV installed as part of the audi system but I believe there would have been components in the same area as the cd changer if I did.


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many thanks, does anyone know what the aerial amplifier looks like, and where it goes?

The plan does help, i think I did have symphony sound, though head unit is now an Alpine unit.


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that module looks like the parking sensor ECU. are you running an aftermarket stereo or OEM?


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TYphoon, how do the side panels in the boot come off? I also have not been able to tune into any radio stations since changing from the factory fit stereo - have tried 2 of the power enabling adapters but could not either of them to work