Audi A6 3.0 TDi Q Allroad - Service Schedule Unclear - Newbie


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Although on my 4th Audi I have recently purchased my first A6 Derv in 3.0TDi Q Allroad flavour 2008/9. The manual/web is scant & unclear about what exactly is fitted & what is required for servicing ie one size fits all.

Mine is 4 years old with 70k & FSH, however, I want to complete all that needs doing upfront so i know its been done for the duration.

1) What Quattro system is fitted to Allroad -Haldex? manual says no fluid changes!
2) Tiptronic 6 Speed- fluid changes unclear 38k or sealed? Indy says no!
3) Chain yes but timing & drive belts - unclear changes?
4) Pnuematic dampers/compressor - any maintenance/longevity?
5) Glow plug replacement or wait until fail?

Any help or insights appreciated


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1) proper traditional torsion Quattro
2) change the fluid, I have the same gearbox and running gear in my A6 C6 and have just paid £1800 to have it rebuilt - regular fluid changes would have prevented this (specialist words not mine)
3) engine is chain, but the high pressure fuel pump has a belt (not service schedule for this) if it ever were to let go don't worry, all that would happen is the engine would cut out )
4) you have air suspension
5) wait until one or two flag faults then replace all (in my judgement)


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Perfect info thanks.
Suprised at your Tiptronic rebuild comments what sort of issues were you experiencing and at what mileage? My local indy suggested its sealed & not subject to contamination & should be left at least until 100k. I realise its a specialist job as it needs to be vaccumed out and so not cheap. My own had the 40k service done at a main delaer and while the manual says 38k for a change they did not complete this! Clearly with your experiences I'm inclined to do it!

What about torsion diff oils change periods?