audi a6 2.7 t Bi-turbo ----- HELP!


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Hi all,

Can I have any ideas and opinions regarding a blown turbo in a A6 2.7 T?

I seem to get conflicting advice depending on who I ask.
If only one turbo has gone, do I need to replace the pair? I'm on a very tight budget.

I am told replacing the turbos is a engine out job? Is this the case and if so anybody got any idea / experience of the costs?

Lastly, any good places to source the Turbo or get it fitted?

Many thanks in advance for any ideas, Stuart


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Engine out, yes.

A pair, I belive so if you only want to do the job once.

I would speak to MRC Tuning in Banbury.

These guys will be able to advise you, and quote on providing the turbos and fitting. They specialise in B5 S and RS4's and the 2.7 twin turbo in general, these are THE guys.


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Since it is an engine out job, you should def replace the other turbo.

Forget the cost of the extra turbo, but imagine the cost of pulling the engine again??