Audi A5 mudflaps


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I have a white 2012 a5 black edition. I just had the paint 'corrected' and the guy advised about brake dust affecting the paint and suggested mud flaps to help prevent this. How do these look on the A5 coupe, how much are a set and the best place to get them? Any advice appreciated

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Hmmm...mud flaps are so ugly that I would be looking at getting lower brake dust pads....

That will also stop the wheels getting so filthy. You can't really avoid contamination on the paintwork. You're going to get it from other cars as well as your own, so don't think it's worth it personally.

Of course if you like them and want them as well, that's a different matter! Imagine Audi is your first call. Could try the parts request on here. Mike is great.

Audi Bairn

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Mud flaps on the A5? Noooooooooooooooooooo........................... :openmouth:

Listen to the docs advice above.


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you need to look close to see them!!!