Audi A5 2008 1.8tfsi CAB engine reliability?


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Jul 18, 2017
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How reliable are the 1.8 tfsi engines? I picked the car up cheap under 3k @ 120k miles.. unfortunately no service history however an oil change and the timing chain are on my list of things to do on it.

Insurance is coming up cheap at around £700 (im 23) so its a good price and I just thought I might as well keep this car as it looks nice and the engine/drive is smooth and relaxing.

No service therefore going to do the timing chain for peace of mind as well as stick some fresh oil in it. Clutch is fine no vibrations or high pedal so nothing to worry about there.

Is there anything else about the engine I should worry about or are they generally reliable? Don't want to insure and keep a ticking time bomb or fall into a money pit. Seen the engines alone going for £1500 on ebay so its not going to be cheap if the engine fails etc. Mechanically im not too bad.. Can do my own services spark plugs and brakes etc... Some suspension work too.. leaving the timing chain for the pros though as never attempted that yet. Any advice?

Thank you.
Forgot to mention... There is a slight misfire on cold start which becomes less noticeable when warmed up and by previous invoices with tbe car.. the car was taken to audi for few tests which the car passed fine.

Oil consumption test (passed)
Cylinder leakage test (passed)
Fuel injectors swapped/cleaned

Misfire still continues... This is one of the other reasons why im replacing the timing chain on the car as it could be timing slipped a tooth and its causing misfires. If the new timing chain doesn't solve the issue then my plan is to just carry on driving the car how it is.