Audi a5 2.0 tdi still blue smoke after changng turbo, what to do ?


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i heard from service that my car need to change turbo, since it was leaking some oil. i bought brand new turbo, and replaced it. the thing is, i only changed turbo, no oil lines to turbo, or something else, also havent cleaned anything but just egr. i know that its not exhaust that couses smoke, becouse i have straith pipe. so my question is, what should i clean ? intercooler? oil lines/pipes to turbo? something else?. the strange thing i have noticed is that it goes away totaly (for about 1 week) if i take a long drive for 120km, then everything seems fine, but after a wile (as i sayd after 1-2 weeks) the rpm goes up and stays (when neutral) on 1000 when it suposed to stay on 900, sound changes when accelerating (specialy at 2000 rpm) and the blue smoke..., what to do ???