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Audi A4 votex b6 full kit inc grills for sale

Olly A4 Jun 27, 2011

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  1. Olly A4

    Olly A4 New Member

    Audi A4 votex b6 full kit inc grills

    I have a Audi A4 votex complete kit, I don't really want to sell it as I would like to fit it to my car. But I have 2 stag do's to pay for this month so needs must :( it is a very reluctance sale.

    the kit comprises of

    X2 skirts (with jackingpoint covers)
    x1 Front valence with black plastic grille inserts (I've heard these are rare)
    x1 rear valence with twin exhaust (silver metal grill inserts)
    x 2 rear exhaust valence trim (for larger bore tail pipe)
    x1 fitting kit.
    I haven't got the guide to fit it thou

    This is a ABS plastic kit and not a cheap fibreglass copy and is primered from factory,hasnt been cut about or touched. its just sitting in the garage on top of my mk1 golf cabby in its protective packaging.

    I paid £650 for this kit a few months ago.

    If you want pictures off it,please feel free and send me your email address.

    I dont expect to get what I paid for it but I'm open to offers.I'll do a deal but wont give it away.

    I thought I would give you all a chance before I put it on ebay. This isn't for sale anywhere else and if my circumstances change I will be fitting it.

    I live in the cambs/norfolk/lincs borders area and may be able to deliver,if not too far away.

    Sorry to moderators if this is in the wrong section, I wasn't able to post in the classified section. ​
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