Audi A4 TFSI 2.0 190 vs Quattro 252 ?


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So it's a bit late as my A4 B9 TFSI 2.0 190 has been delivered to UK and picking up next week, but wondering if I should have got the quattro. When I was talking to my dealer friend, the view was as bulk of my driving is south east + city driving. The number of days of ice and snow it was not worth the extra cost.

I am coming from an Audi A3 2.0 Diesel 2012 Black Edition, which I think is 164bhp. Also going from Petrol for first time, as only been doing 10k miles and after all the audi diesel issues last year figured i would change.

I understand the A4 will weigh more than the A3, but I like how nippy the A3 is and wondering if I am going to regret it. My other half wanted 5 door over 3 door, and I loved the gadgets on the A4 so why we changed from the A3 ;)

I test drove an A4 but not sure what engine was in it - it did feel quicker.

I see a lot of people have gone with the Quatro 252 over the 190 - so wondering if I made a mistake but was another £6k!



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I don't know anybody that has ordered the 252! I initially enquired about the 190 TFSI and 252 TFSI. The dealers looked at me funny. When I looked at jumping on the order of a TFSI that had already been ordered by a dealership, there were hardly any and no 252's!

I bought a 211 b8 TFSI as for the b8 models it got the same mpg as the TDi model.

However I have ordered the 190 TDi this time as it was rapid when I test drove it (equally as fast as my 211 b8 TFSI).
There simply was no TFSI demos at dealerships in the UK for me to compare. The b9 TFSI is down on power from the b8 but since it's lighter, I would imagine it's comparable.

Remember a remap of the b9 190 TDi puts the power up to 240-250bhp!

The poor design of the TFSI b8's was also something stuck in my mind. I know the b9 tfsi's are a different engine but it still left a bitter taste in my mouth. There were 2 major design faults with that engine and I don't fancy taking my chances with the new model.

I just hope the new b9 tdi's have alot better mpg than the disappointing b8 tdi's.


This was the engine i was keen on but....

6K's a big jump. Bear in mind, Quattro's nice to have in reserve but hardly needed. I've had my S3 for near 8 months and it's the first AWD car I've had. I've never had a problem with front wheel drive come rain, snow or shine in the past so it's hardly that important for 98% of the time.

You need to work out therefore if 62 bhp is worth 6K (Like, it's not). I can't see where the powers needed on an A4. It's not going to be set up like an S4 so if you need extra power, get the torque from a diesel.


Had a look, the 6K difference between the 190 and 252 after 4 years comes to approx. 2K difference in GMFV