Audi A4 Sport Avant with unusual red leather interior, pics attached


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Hi all,

This is my A4 Avant, I was after one for sometime and although I wasn't entirely sure of the interior everything else was perfect so I bought it. I've had it about 4 months and it has a few niggles. I'll go into a bit of detail in a bit. It has 79k and is completely standard, I intend to get it re-mapped (more for economy than power). I have a Belgian Malinois (like a smaller German shepherd) hence the avant and the custom built dog box, the box is made to your spec and priceless if you have a big dog and value your interior.

Anyway heres the niggles....
Rear lights mismatched as you can see the n/s is slightly tinted. New light on route as we speak.

The heater..... Aaaaaaah the fffffff'n heater!! Heater set at 22c as the car warms up I feel the cool air get warmer then a puff of heat and it cools down. Move temp to 23c get a puff of heat then it cools again, move to 24-25c again a puff of heat and it cools..... The strength of the air-flow doesnt change only the temperature. If I put it to HI it blows red hot only if on the motorway. If in traffic the dash temp gauge starts to drop from 90 to about 70....... It makes sense that cool air going through the heater matrix would reduce the overall coolant temperature? I have replaced the engine temp sensor and plan to do the thermostat soon.

Whats confusing me is the puff of heat then the drop in temp, it is noticeable and consistent. The motors were re-synched recently and no faults on vagcom or the other handheld fault finding device.

Could it be a lazy motor which operates the flaps? As in it moves to release more heat then goes back to previous position. It does get progressively warmer but nowhere near what it should be, unless its at HI and then it would roast you.

The interior grows on you by the way!! HAs anyone else got a pornstar type interior? Only way up after this is tiger skin :)

Hope you can help re the heater its doing my poor head in...

Regards Wobbly


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Interior is unusual that's for sure. As for the heating fault I would get a new thermostat fitted first if the temp drops and isn't sitting at 90 all the time. Then see if it's faulting after that.


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99% sure its called coral! an audi exclusive colour


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Thanks guys/girls...The interior has a pinker hue to it in the pics, its definitely redder in life. The box is fantastic, It is a water proof sealed unit. Insofar as when a wet dog gets in its all contained. Its also quite light and can be easily removed for power hosing (not that my dog do would do anything in it like) but after recurring daily use and trips to the sea etc it gets some wang in it.

Its tailor made to the car and fits perfectly tight, note the anti-squeak towel addition :o.k:

The first box I had was for an X-trail, was bigger and had 2 compartments in it, handy for storing balls, tugs, bite rolls, sleeves etc. I opted for a bigger box with more room as I can do long journeys with him in the car, although the downside is he can slide about. Adding carpet etc doesnt work because he destroys it in minutes.

Thanks for the replies re the heater, hopefully the stat will sort the heater problem.


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nice pooch!
is that what the u.s. army use a lot?


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nice pooch!
is that what the u.s. army use a lot?

Yes, they are pretty much being used by Police and military all over. One was used in the Bin-laden capture called Cairo, radio controlled with titanium teeth 👍

Easy to train with huge prey drive, hence the dead rabbit, which was purely unintentional, daft rabbit stuck his head out at the wrong time. Just to complicate things further mines a Malinois x'd with a Dutch Herder hence the brindle/striped coat.


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Your dog would scare me if I met it out walking ha! That box looks impressive though, wonder whether I could get one for the kids?

Your interior is amazing though dude, I'm loving it. Bold but beautiful :D


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The people that make the boxes are at they actually started out and still make the plastic ice-cream cones that sit outside shops. I got this one made about a year and 1/2 ago and had to wait 3 weeks because they are so busy. Don't know costs in getting one to UK but they are fantastic and thoroughly recommended. I wouldn't be without one. My dog chewed through the boot trim (and wires) of my BMW 320i sport and I had a wire grille between boot and back seats, this resulted in the boot perms locked with dog locked in the boot causing all sorts of mayhem!! Such a job to get him out. Took him all of 5 mins to cause about £150 of damage. Lovely dog but don't ever get one, break your heart and bank balance....