Audi A4 S-Line B7 - iPhone compatability


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Hi everyone

Just checking to see if anyone knows of an aftermarket device that I can retrofit into the stereo that will allow me to bluetooth my iPhone through the stereo - purely for the purposes of streaming music? From what I gather FM transmitters are close to useless...



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get a hard wired one mate, wouldnt bother with bluetooth.
depends on which stereo you have of course but have a look on ebay at connects2 devices


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Kufatec fiscon do a new kit that caters for A2DP music streaming via Bluetooth.

Very "factory" look and feel.


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The iphones do not allow music to be streamed via bluetooth. This might be different for the new iphone 4, but definitely the case for the 3G/3GS.

This is 'by design' by apple.


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Erm not quite. If you have an fiscon bluetooth unit any noise made by the iphone when connected is put out through the stereo. As that is exactly how I listern to podcasts from by 3GS (on either IOS3 or 4). As my Audi factory fit ipod interface doesn't support the iphone... only the ipod.


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Cheers for all the info. The Kufatec system looks good but cant really afford the £300ish price tag. Hadn't considered wired options but maybe I should... any recommendations?


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io play mate, think it cost me around £100 ish, including the ISO lead.