Audi A4 Front Bumper Replacement


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Couple months ago somebody hit my car in the parking lot and drove away. The front bumper cracked and needs replacement. I got quoted 1200(!) pounds to get it repaired but im sure it can be done for cheaper. Has anyone ever been in such a situation? how much should it cost to repair it?

P.s No front sensors or anything fancy, basic model bumper


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That must be an insurance quote, not a cash price. Depending what colour car you have you can buy second hand bumpers on eBay for £130. Even if you needed a full spray on the bumper I can’t see it being more than £400 if you went privately. Even then I wouldn’t pay that. A smart repairer would come to your house and do it depending on how bad the damage is. Insurance quotes are always well over priced.


A4 Avant Sport 1.4 TFSI
I did this, a local repair shop fixed it for around £300.


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