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Help Please Audi A4 Fault Code - subwoofer open circuit

Adam669 Jul 16, 2018

  1. Adam669

    Adam669 Registered User


    please help!!

    i have an audi a4 b8 - 59 plate.

    due to the heat this summer my mmi system has decided to play up.

    1st - the SD cards were not being read by the unit - would say loading the crash the system and keep switching on and off.
    the radio decided to work now that seems to go off on the on board screen

    i have checked on the vcds system and fault code 03029 has appeared up which states maybe a subwoofer open circuit.

    i need help on this please as i dont know what this means as a new one is very expensive.

    FAULT -

    Subwoofer (R157)
    Freeze Frame :

    Fault Status : 01101011
    Fault Priority : 5
    Frequency : 1
    Reset Counter : 155

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