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Audi A4 Electronic Hood Problem

Thin Lizzy Aug 17, 2014

  1. Thin Lizzy

    Thin Lizzy New Member

    HELP have had car into garage three times now but no resolution. Hood goes down no problem but then will only close up to a certain point, hood stops shy of the chassis at the front meaning I have to do it manually. If I drop the hood manually into the down position and then put it up manually and lock it down, it will then operate a couple of times normally before letting me down again. Won't go into detail but was reluctant to use Audi main dealer again so took to a reputable garage, code checker revealed no fault but garage had experienced this previously and they checked motor, motor brushes and hydraulics but could find np problem. It all worked fine again for a while but then this happened again so went back, again they could find no fault and again hood appeared to work ok for a little while. Third time I decided I would go into Audi who said I would need a new motor at HUGE cost, garage says I don't! It let me down again this week and reader showed fault code of 1986 which garage is now looking into but I am concerned. Garage seem to feel that it is some sort of 'communication ' problem and that the hood sort of loses itself in the process and then is not quite sure where it is. Obviously I don't want to pay for a new motor and labour if it is not needed but equally want to get to the bottom of this, no point in having a soft top if I am too nervous to put it down in case it fails to operate when I need to close it, can anyone help?
  2. leegsi

    leegsi Active Member

    Have you tried a manual reset of the roof?
  3. Thin Lizzy

    Thin Lizzy New Member

    Hi there I have closed manually and then it works again briefly for a few occasions before the fault occurs again, is this what you mean? I would assume anyway that, if this is not the correct procedure, the garage would have done this?
    Thanks for your reply just keen to try and get to the bottom of this, so frustrating! Liz
  4. Tolak

    Tolak Member

    Thin Lizzy, did you get to the bottom of this?
    Two ways that the roof can become intermittent.
    First is the motor of the pump, which will stop at some random intermediate stage.
    Second is because of a switch becoming sticky, so that it fails to report a movement once that is expected. (four switches and one potentiometer)

    If you still have the issue, please report how it fails, and we should be able to help you get to a solution. And that need not break the bank!

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