Audi A4 convertible 2.4 V6


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Hi all, been busy with some mods on my A4 Cab over the past couple of months I've owned it so thought I would start a project thread and share some of my progress so far.

I decided to do some interior mods mainly replacing switches as they had seen better days and went for the more up-to-date B7 ones.
I have also replaced all interior lights for LED ones.

As for the engine bay, I've replaced all vac pipes with yellow silicone ones, I've gold heat tape wrapped the air box, replaced the oil cap for the R8 one and added a powerflex snub mount as the original one had disappeared.

Engine still shakes about so I have ordered 034 motorsport engine and transmission mounts, I will add some photos of them and the fitting in due course.

Loads of mods/repair work to come.

Hope you enjoy, feel free to ask any questions, or make suggestions.