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Audi A4 Cab B7 Steering sticks on full left lock

AlexE Oct 20, 2018

  1. AlexE

    AlexE New Member

    Hi All,

    I have an issue with our A4 Cab B7 since we got her (more than 1 year now).

    Basically, when the car is stationary you can spin the wheel just fine but you cannot make the steering wheel hit the steering stops (either full left or right lock is not possible - you can only nearly get there). It is as if power assist shuts off just before hitting the stops. However, when the car is moving (at any speed) it suddenly becomes possible to hit the steering stops without an issue (both full left and right lock). It is as if power assist suddenly comes on all the way to full lock once the car moves. This in itself is not really an issue but listen to the next part.

    Lets say you are moving the car at 3 mph at full left lock (for example to do a 3 point turn) then stop the car while on full left lock... the steering wheel then becomes stuck at full left lock. It can only be turned again by allowing the car to start moving which frees the wheel to start turning. Interestingly this doesnt happen on full right lock, only full left lock.

    Does anyone have any ideas? It drives me mad when doing 3 point turns. Other than that everything else is perfect. I know there is a steering position sensor so not sure that could cause this or not but there are no fault codes.

    BTW. It is a 2.0t which has Servotronic steering. I replaced the 640 module as I thought that might be it but it didnt make any difference. I also tried without the 640 module attached and it still happens so have ruled out the 640 module being the culprit.

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