Audi A4 Cab 1.8t 300hp rebuild - Coming home soon


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Thought I'd post some information on my A4's rebuild courtesy of Kev Poole and chums at ProMotiv among many others. Fingers crossed she'll be back in time for a run down to Le Mans. Pictures and various figures to follow;

  • Engine out, re-bored and fitted with TSR forged pistons / rods before being reassembled with C&A by Kev.
  • GT28RS turbo, 550 injectors with a custom map by Revo, circa 300hp (to keep the existing transmission in one piece)
  • Custom made engine mounts courtesy of Vibra Technics.
  • Custom Intercooler from Forge (large)
  • Set of new hoses from Samco
  • Re-bushed with Super-Pro all round
  • Milltek high flow cat and system
  • Other stuff
Bilstein B12 plus H&R springs previously added.

Any pointers on big brake kits appreciated. Forge 358mm x 32mm front runner, but also looking at VMAXX and Stop Tech.
Any recommendations?.
Pics or it didn't happen... :whistle2:


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Okay. Still with KPM racing who are bolting it all back together, but shouldn't be long.
Le Mans is in 4 weeks!


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Update. Slight departure from original plan as GTRS idea replaced with a custom S3 Turbo courtesy of Lee at Owen Developments (Many Thanks Lee)
Looking good too so thought would share.
Custom flange created to enable bolting up to the head of the modified S3 turbo with internal mods done including cut back blades , updated 360 thrust kit 65mm billet HTA comp wheel ,CNC re profiled comp cover for the larger billet wheel.
Should be able to post more information in the next few weeks as will visit soon take a look at progress first hand.


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