Audi A4 b9 carbon fibre key covers


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Ive seen these on ebay at £25
Apparently genuine and not printed plastic.
Also available from raywell? At £50.
Come in a presentation box, simple snap together front and back on the better raywell version or i think stick on , on the pinalloy version ( hmm not too keen on that)
Has anyone bought one?
Care to comment? I wonder if they still fit in holding slot?
Do they affect / reduce the performance of the key in any way?
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Are you thinking of your new car?
The keys are totally different - not seen anything for the B9 keys yet.


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B9 accessories seem to be generally lacking considering its been around for nearly a year now.

I'd also be interested in a key cover of some sort but, as you say, all the ones on eBay/online are for the B8

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A link to the key cover might be good..


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ah yes,not for the new b9,sorry........


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Yup its a shame there is not available for b9 out there. I was looking for a key cover but didnt find any. Mine dropped out of the hoodie pocket whilst waxing the car over weekend. It caught the bottom corner and chipped/scuffed it. Proper gutted. I keep looking at it everyday and hope it will disappear. Going to apply plasti kote matt black paint to fix. It looks big in pic but is very very very tiny but none the less its there. :(


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