Audi A4 B8 Engine Management Light

Neil Wilkinson

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So driving into work this morning and the engine stuttered/juddered and the engine management light was flashing.

I’ve had this issue a few years ago and turned out to be a faulty coil pack, so hoping if it doesn’t sort itself out it’s the same again as it’s a relatively easy and cheap fix (hopefully)

Does anyone have any thoughts on the above? Guessing Audi’s go through coil packs for some reason??


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I got a cheap Bluetooth code reader from amazon, might help you investigate your issue, as well as unlock some other functions before heading to the garage?

Carista Bluetooth OBD2 Adapter...

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Neil Wilkinson

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Ok so I ran a scan tonight and got the following code under engine 05646, I reset it (maybe I shouldn’t have?)

Below is a screenshot of the ecu afterwards

ECU info obtained with Carista 383099 for iOS:

CAN network gateway

Part #: 8T0907468R

Coding: 00CF07 (hex)

Component: GW-BEM 5CAN

[No fault codes]

Ignition authorization

Part #: 8K0907064DP

Coding: 033100 (hex)

Component: BCM2 1.1

[No fault codes]

Central electronics

Part #: 8K0907063N

Coding: 2600D0914034AF210401000000001D0D439D030804010141000000 (hex)

Component: BCM1 1.0

Fault codes:

03207 Charisma Switch Module

Body/convenience system

Part #: 8K0907064DP

Coding: 011F0622003904400030013680000000 (hex)

Component: BCM2 1.1

[No fault codes]

Driver's door

Part #: 8K0959793J

Coding: 011002204C01410001 (hex)

Component: TSG FA

[No fault codes]

Front passenger's door

Part #: 8K0959792J

Coding: 011002204C01410001 (hex)

Component: TSG BF

[No fault codes]

Rear left door

Part #: 8K0959795C

Coding: 010002204001210001 (hex)

Component: TSG HL

[No fault codes]

Rear right door

Part #: 8K0959795C

Coding: 010002204001210001 (hex)

Component: TSG HR

[No fault codes]

Heater & air conditioning

Part #: 8T2820043AF

Coding: 642C0000 (hex)

Component: KLIMA 3 ZONEN

Fault codes:

01207 Control Module for Auxiliary Heater (J364)

Steering wheel

Part #: 8K0953568F

Coding: 000016 (hex)

Component: Lenks.Modul

[No fault codes]

Instrument cluster

Part #: 8K0920980L

Coding: 2F05080002002600010400 (hex)

Component: KOMBIINSTR.

[No fault codes]

Parking brake

Part #: 8K0907801H

Coding: [none]

Component: EPB Audi B8

[No fault codes]


Part #: 8K0907379AK

Coding: 060504 (hex)

Component: ESP8 front

[No fault codes]

Steering angle

[ECU not present]

Parking/steering assist

Part #: 8K0919475H

Coding: 100203 (hex)

Component: PARKHILFE 4K

[No fault codes]


Part #: 8K0959655G

Coding: 30363435363030303030554A3052384B3053 (hex)

Component: AirbagVW-AU10

[No fault codes]


Part #: 8K2907115L

Coding: 0104000C18470160 (hex)

Component: 2.0l R4/4V TF

[No fault codes]

Headlight aiming

Part #: 8K5907357A

Coding: 4 (decimal)

Component: Dynamische LWR

[No fault codes]

Media player

Part #: 8T0035785A

Coding: 020202 (hex)

Component: SG ext.Player

[No fault codes]


Part #: 8T2035186P

Coding: 040200820101CD00875B070800 (hex)

Component: Concert3

[No fault codes]


Part #: 8T0862335D

Coding: 10320 (decimal)

Component: FSE_256x BT

[No fault codes]

Sound system

Part #: 8T0035223AH

Coding: 0203010101 (hex)

Component: DSP STD

Fault codes:

01044 Control Module Incorrectly Coded

Obtained with Carista 383099 for iOS.

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