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Audi A4 b8 constant blue smoke

Paulnoddy Jul 14, 2019

  1. Paulnoddy

    Paulnoddy New Member

    Hi guys at wits end now and seems to me like I am going around in circles I have an Audi A4 2009 which is on the verge of getting torched. After ten minutes from starting and temp reaching 90 it’s giving me a constant and excessive amount of blue smoke from the exhaust whether I’m driving or it’s just running, I have had a reconditioned engine put in, a brand new turbo from turbo techs and new feeder New injectors fitted and programmed by Audi the dpf removed and egr blanked yet it’s still causing this issue, literally clueless over the matter maybe someone else has the unfortunate experience ?
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  3. Tj 0785

    Tj 0785 Well-Known Member Bronze Supporter Silver Supporter VCDS Map User

    You be better off putting this in the a4 section

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