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Audi A4 B8 170 help with tunning box DTUK

Jasext Mar 5, 2019

  1. Jasext

    Jasext New Member

    Hi Guys new to the forum and looking for help.

    I have the older DTUK box with pins and trying to get it setup properly. I have read loads and loads and done quite a bit of searching but still cant find the answers.Even had a quick chat with Andrew online.
    I have had the box a few weeks and cant seem to find the right settings.
    I have tried all the maps 1-4 and all the fine settings on each one, each map i started off on 0 then 10% and 20% ,
    There was hardly any difference in each map on 0 and 10%, But each map on 20% i could feel the difference and here is the issue, at 20% on each map the car ran terrible and jerky, on cruise it would seem to keep adjusting itself to hold the speed.

    Has anyone else had this problem setting these up ?

    This is what i cant understand after reading all about these tuning boxes?
    If i had a remap (which i had done previously on a VW T4) they are standard maps for all T4's with the same engine, for instance , i had my T4 2.5 go for 102 bhp to 138 bhp with improved torque. This map would be used for all similar T4s with a 2.5

    Why is it that these boxes do not have a standard setting for each vehicle with a similar engine?

    If for instance someone had used Map 3+2 and had they're car go from 170 to 200 why cant this be used on all the same ones?

    Also i have read the car needs to learn each map,why would this be the case if it is a program ?
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  3. Jasext

    Jasext New Member

    No one able to help?

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