Audi a4 b7 warning lights


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Ive got a audi a4 b7 19 tdi . This fault is happening more often now than at first will go to start car and all warning lights stay on from second click car cranks but will not start . If i turn the car off and on a fair few times they go off and car will start are a few times its started and all warning lights will flash. Been on fault reader and says fault on
Instrument Cluster ive tuck the cluster out and looks like some one has already been messing with it . Was going to send away to get fixed but worried incase its another problem with the wires any help with this thanks

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You should run a good diagnostic on the car that will give you specific fault codes and info before doing anything else, just to discount more specific problems that maybe present.
VCDS is very good but other kit out there aswell.