Audi A4 B7 S-Line value?

Kev Boy

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Hi there,

I was wondering if you could tell me what you would value my car at as im thinking of selling her. Depending on what shes worth i might have to give her up.

Its a 2005 (05) A4 B7 S-Line,
2.0 litre [140 bhp],
Phantom Black,
Only 51k miles,
Full Audi Service History,
Brake discs and Pads changed all round within the last month,
2 new tyres recently,
The car had 1 previous owner (who was in his 60s so this car has not been thrashed).

Will come with 1 year MOT, 6 months tax,

Just had wheels refurbished last month so are like new,
Has devil eye DRL's,
Bright white bulbs all round (incl. fogs)
Remapped to 180bhp (which can be removed before sale if the buyer wanted),

A very well looked after, low milage car. Shes stunning. Looks standard with a few very subtle mods.

Has grey/black full leather interior,
6 disc changer,
bose sound system,
tinted rear windows,

Couple of pics to hand (hope they work)



Any ideas on price? Might be more details that ive missed but just after a rough price. I know these can go from £5k up to 12k depending on different things. Im not for one minute suggesting shes top end, but not bottom end either i wouldnt think.

What do you guys think?

Any help is much appreciated. I do have pics of her on other threads of mine, but i cant view them at work.

Cheers, Kev.
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As it has been written id be looking for anywhere between £8 - 10k +£700 ish for an avant if its not a saloon

Kev Boy

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Thanks, the car is exactly as described. Not just making it up to sound nice as i wanted an accurate valuation.

I have seen some rough examples going for 5 to 6k, i was hoping that its age wouldnt let it down, but you wouldnt tell it was the age it is.

Plus i paid the price of what the good ones are going for, for this car about a year ago so hoped it hadnt depreciated much.

Anyone agree / disagree or have anymore thoughts on the above?

Also yea, its a saloon.


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well its decent mileage and black is a popular colour choice also so im sure someone will be interested. If you want to guage more of an idea have a look at A4 B7 saloons on pistonheads that are for sale.

Kev Boy

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Well on Pistonheads. There are several that have about the 51k mark and are £10 or £11k.

Theres one with 43k, a bit less to be fair and its a 2007 but they was £13k for it.

And i cant find any with the leather seat and in dash 6 disc changer. Surely get a few quid for mine?


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yeah mine was only rough guide mate. if they are going for that on there fill yer boots :)


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i'd say about 7,500 at the top end.

Its a tough market, its age and there being a new model since will make sure its not above this price bracket.

Spec does not matter, as i found out when selling my old car, it had every option ticked on the spec list

Kev Boy

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Cheers for the opinions. They are very helpful, i was hoping of at least £8k for her.

I will put her on the classifieds and see what interest i get.