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Audi a4 b7 3.0tdi glowplug issue

EricVR Feb 24, 2020

  1. EricVR

    EricVR Registered User

    Hi guys,

    New here

    I have a issue with my b7. Starts fine and drives fine. As soon as you need more power, the glow plug light starts flashing and I have a loss of power. Switch off and on, it's gone.

    I did a vcds scan, and it gave a glow plug fault on cylinder 2.

    I replaced the glow plug, and still giving the same issue.

    Any help or ideas?
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  3. A19quattro

    A19quattro Registered User

    Glow plug light flashing usually indicates another fault, i.e. nothing to do with Glow plugs. You must have had a Glow plug down anyway, so that out of the way you now need to find out what is causing the light to flash. Not something I have had before but I am sure there will be posts on here if you do a search or someone else who has had it may come on and give you an idea. I am thinking running issues, Turbo boost, maybe EGR/inlet manifold problems?
    Hope you have success getting it fixed.

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