Audi A4 B7 2.0 tfsi 147kw quattro


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I have a problem with the engine 2.0 tfsi BGB 147kw Quattro. When the wiring, oil, filters and spark plugs was changed, the car did not vented as it should. A car was started in about 15 minutes, everything was all right, but after one kilometer the engine over heated to 130 degrees. The on-board computer started signaling oil pressure and coolant to me. After removing the oil dipstick, I found that the water had mixed with the oil. I had the engine head repaired completely, the new seal, I cleaned the engine with the oil additive and I aired the cooling system as it should. But after all that, the engine still signals the oil pressure and the water is lost. Is there anybody who have any experiences or somebody who can give me some advice?


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What oil cleaner did you use, ? There are people who have used engine flush and caused the oil pickup to clog up.
Don use it on these engines.