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Audi A4 B6 Avant 2.0fsi 2004/ EPC Light , Stalling

ANTB6 Dec 3, 2018

  1. ANTB6

    ANTB6 New Member

    Hi there
    I have a Audi A4 b6 2004 2.0 FSI estate
    The Car was sat for 12 months not used.
    The Battery plenum filled with water and drained into the passenger footwell and battery died due to cold weather at the same time.

    Before it died on me the only fault was a battery drain issue that i planned to sort out at later time and a right indicator on front headlight that won't work even after checking fuses ect
    also as a note Before battery died central locking worked fine via the key fob also...

    After the battery died and footwell flooded the stereo didn't work anymore
    The interior lights didn't work, the Windows didn't work and the central locking also

    I was told that it would be the CCM so lifted carpet found lots of sitting water and ccm was soaked

    Ordered a new ccm on eBay plugged so dried out the car in the meantime
    Plugged in the new CCM the interior lights instantly started to work again
    The Windows work again now too HAPPY

    the stereo works again after changing the fuse in the head unit itself

    Still not resolved NOT SO HAPPY its starting to annoy me bad as i dont have help

    Faults that remain:

    The car locks by the key but not the fob , changed battery and no change

    There is a battery drain on the car that existed from before the car flooded been disconnecting battery to stop it draining overnight as even fully charged it drains in 12 hrs or so

    Most alarming fault that scares me:

    The car has also gained a new fault now every now and the car stalls it seems to cut out while driving EPC flashes up on the dash and the power steering cuts out this lasts a few seconds then the car kicks back in .

    it happened today was in 3rd gear driving along the road cars behind me and it juddered and stalled epc light on dash i was still rolling at about 45mph so i turned the key in the ignition off then back one click forward and it juddered and started driving normal epc light went off and this then didnt happen for another few hours

    I know after changing the CCM that the problems can't be that anymore so I'm now lost to what can be causing the other problems

    People on Audi forum report similar problems and said a crankshaft sensor may fix the stalling issue anyone have any ideas ?

    thanks in advance Ant
  2. Avatar

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  3. ANTB6

    ANTB6 New Member

    also it seems to happen more when engine is warm wich i find strange
  4. stevey83

    stevey83 Member

    If your still on the same battery and its been flat before i would change the battery first. Its probably knackered.
  5. ANTB6

    ANTB6 New Member

    should have stated earlier the battery is new , that was the one that was drained within 12hrs of being put on the car . so the battery drain is somethin i need to sort out for sure.. the stalling issue where the epc light comes on ther dash never happened in the past even with this battery drain problem its anew problem
  6. Nollywood

    Nollywood B7 420-R Avant Team Dakota Team V8 Audi RS6 Audi A4 Audi Avant Owner Group quattro Manual

    Crank sensor fault symptom.
  7. ANTB6

    ANTB6 New Member

    So i took it into the Garage they ordered a new crank sensor and fitted it, and the problem still persists .. i have read it could possibly be the MAF sensor but i not sure now after paying for one sensor to be fitted and it not working. some also said something about relays under the bonnet maybe having gotten damp but in my 2004 B6 A4 2.0 fSI (petrol) Avant the relays are behind the steering column/dash so cant see how they would be damp. I also read a failing fuel pump could cause these symptoms.. im really baffled

    took a motorway trip after new crank sensor was on ,at first loss of power no EPC light then light comes on no revs anymore engine stalled on the motorway hazrd lights on in the 1st lane no hard shoulder to pull on to
    it was quite scary to be honest the car was hard to start again , turned the key fully back and took the key out then put the key back in really quick turned the ignition and the car started up and then drove fine to my destination with no other stalling or warning lights

    the way home i was scared it would happen again and it didn't on the motorway but just as i pulled into my street it stalled EPC light on the dash sudden loss of power then hard to re start then started all of a sudden and drove fine again.

    one note the car seems to be going through lots of oil also but not sure this is related
  8. Mike B

    Mike B Well-Known Member

    It needs proper diagnostics check to find the faults
  9. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    Where are you located? Have a look on the VCDS map and see who is local and PM them asking if they could scan the car properly. Even maybe run some live logs.
  10. QuattroCalum

    QuattroCalum Well-Known Member saloon Audi A4 Black Edition Saloon Manual

    There are two or three relays in the box with the ECU, one is for the fuel pump and one for the engine management. These ECU boxes have a hidden bolt at the back that are easily missed, chances are the top has been broken (if it has been removed) and water has got in there.
  11. ANTB6

    ANTB6 New Member

    After fixing it the car had more issues sold it got a 1.9 tdi 2007 A4 b7 sline instead now and it’s great

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