Audi A4 B6 Avant 1.8T Quattro Sline - Oil pressure light

Aaron Batham

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Good evening!

I am having a small issue with my B6, the oil pressure came on intermittently so I have had the oil pick up pipe replaced as that is the main cause of the issue as far I can see.

After collecting my car back from the garage, after this pipe replacement and an MOT, on my way home the oil pressure light came on again. I drove 30 miles after the light came on and there was no hotter than normal air coming through the blowers and the engine sounded smoother than ever since the pipe change.

Any idea on what could be my issue with the light still appearing? The oil pump is fine so I am lost to why the lights keeps persisting, but there is no issues associated with the oil pressure light.

Any advice or information would be greatly appreciated :D

Kindest Regards

Aaron Batham

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Oil pressure switch ?
Okay cheers dude, maybe that may be another thing to look into then, funny thing is with it, no beeps when the light comes on and only comes on after about 20 miles, but no noisy engine meaning oil starvation, and the oil pump is fine, but as soon as you turn the ignition off and back on it goes but comes back shortly after ‍♂️ so miffed