Audi A4 Avant 3.0 V6 Quattro 2003

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from Nigel on here in the vag com section, top class service, has a group buy on at the moment too

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Got my Finger out' kind off, Couldnt be ***** to take pictures so not the best, Shot blasted my wheels last night, decided to go the full hog as i didnt want to be a scene queen with shiny dishes and want to be hard as nails :) and pleased i did as the results from blasting is quality' pictures dont do them justice






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Not had much time lately' Painted the wheels didnt get the finish i wanted, stripped them etc bought more paint this week' Satin Black in 2 pack, should get them back this Wednesday hopefully.


Also bought these Dust caps just to add alittle something


Purchased S-line side skirts too, went for these over S4 door blades as more subtle and suite the votex front better. last peice i need is a roof spoiler, then they can go and get painted, plan was for the front end to be painted but only 3 weeks left at college now so the fella i know who runs the body repair and spay painting doesnt have enough time, looks like august now :(

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Why i was away at the weekend the neighbourgh was kind enough to take in a parcel which was the S-Line side skirts i bought, was over the moon for the price especially alot of them are missing the end caps what are for sale.


Heres a quick pic of the barrels of the wheels ive painted satin black, pic looks alittle strange due to the sunlight. should get the centres and dishes done over the weekend and defo assemble them next weekend, hope to finally fit the coilovers mid next week too finally.


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Well finally got around to fitting the AP Coilovers i purchased around 8 Month ago, They excellent quality, more than happy with them, unsure what drop it sits at as just set them' Opinions/Advice welcome all is good untill i go to park on the drive and the exhaust clamp threads catch and cant get the car on the drive, so friday will spin them around so they are sideways and should be fine' Out of all the things :mad:







Should get the wheels built up at the weekend and fitted on Monday too. ~Oh and the drive :(


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Well Today' Changed both track rod ends, The CV boot i nipped while prying the stut out, Fitted The Other side LED side light, and fitted 4 New exhaust clamps with the threads facing the opposite way' And the result is least i can now get the car on the drive :)


Didnt manage to get to wind the fronts up a notch which needs doing. Just a midgeys knacker.

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Dont know why this picture taken off my phone turned out like this. so dark. but heres the LED side light bulbs fitted on one side compared to the old bulb in the other.


Now on the Hunt for some H7 35w 5000K canbus HIDS for the projector headlights

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Well got 'A' Wheel built up tonight, Centres are perfect. Dishes are not 100% can notice if you study them. and not 100% happy. Neither is it the finish i wanted but they going to have to do as not messing on anymore. Hopefully get the other 3 done within a day. maybe get tyres on the Weekend or begining of next week.




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will do at some point

Well some thing i didnt expect to do' The car is currently back on the RS4's. Sold the RH 3.6 Speedlines and now have some.................

8.5J all around.

Always wanted some and there one of my favourite wheels even though they quite common now due to the amount of Replica's floating around









Plans are' Red centre caps and BBS Valves and caps.

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Today fitted the BBS CH's Totaly forgot about spigot rings. So went to Revolution @ Team Valley seems they a direct part and not the same as the plastic ones you get' they ally or some thing and have retaining clips or some thing. So waiting on BBS spigot rings direct from them.




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Been looking to an alternative for HIDS as not really a fan' So' Received my Bulbs today. Choose these as they Highly recommended, they from T8ups over on Audi-sport from EM tunning. sent next day and are only £8 for the pair. Must say im pretty impressed. Pictures dont do them justice to be honest.


Heres one fitted to the Passenger side compared to the standard driver' I also have LED side lights baring in mind. like i say pictures dont show the really effect. they proper white!


And both fitted


Also for over a year every night searched the usual Forums and ebay sites for the Votex grills for the bumper i have' with not a sniff on Saturday one popped up which was brand new in the packaging for £11.50 delivered so snapped it up' Just need 2 more now :) Tempted to just buy them new but been tight and £140 for the last 2 im undecided.


Hopefully Get to go and get some paint tomorrow and paint the spoiler i have and fit Saturday.

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Poor pictures i know! was in a rush.

Painted the spoiler on Saturday, Ran out of time to fit it for the VAGCars meet Sunday but managed too today. Not too bad i dont think. minght take the threads off and bond it on at a later stage. also need a new third brake light as this one is so annoying asits chipped on the edge abit.

Plans tomorrow fit the rear bumper :)




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Fitted the GMBH rear today' just quick pictures. needs a wash etc. Need to get my side bits sorted now and get some Votex grills ordered for the front.

Also wanting to make my own exhausts' and to finish the rear off some 100mm Exhaust tips will sort that out.




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Honestly i didnt think it would transform the back like that. Especially the spoiler!

Gives the illusion of the dropped look.

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Looks like my Parts are not getting painted now in the morning had to re-book for Monday morning as had a freak accident today.

Just got in from A&E and lucky not to be transferd to Newcastle RVI as ive suffered flash burns to the face.

Said not going to heel for 2 weeks and after that for 6 month to use cream and be carefull in sunlight. Got burns around my eyes' Forehead' Cheek areas and worst lips with lots of swelling and some peeling. apartently ill be worse tomorow.

As funny as it sound half eye brow' Burnt hair and beard. beard made the bottom lips abit worse. cant get rid of the singe as cant even shave either :(

Abit fedup but feeling normal apart from some discomfort. so cant wait for Monday now

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im Fine apart from cant feel my lips they feel numb. stinging around the eyes etc and some skin starting to peel. nose is very sore and burnt half my eyelids which is giving me a strange feeling. aparently very lucky. if my eyes are hurting and sore tomorow have to go to the eye infermary and left my file open at the hospital just incase anything else

just tired now and the cream they gave me is imense. its like the magic cream you used to get when you where a kid.

This morning in the garage it was freezing cold' whe had the fire on at the back of the unit' a big metal box fire with door. around half 1 finished my jobs and was tidy'ing up the cloths we use are the blue hand towls cut up. they always left lying about had some other rubbish with quiet a few of these on the end of the shovel. opened the fire door' the fire seemed to be out. No heat or anything. bent over went to throw it in the back of the fire and a split second something must have ignited. was like a massive back draft what came out and in my face. i was extremely lucky to close my eyes as quick as i did. im guessing theres been some sort of fluid on the rags or some thing


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Sounds nasty :-/

The cars looking well sat on the CH's :)