Audi A4 Avant, 1.9TDI, B7 2006 – oil in coolant


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I purchased the below car approximately 3 months ago, I recently has the timing belt and associated tensioners, water pump etc replaced

2006 - Audi A4 Avant, 1.9TDI, B7

During this job the mechanic showed me the water that was drained from the system, it was clear with no evidence of antifreeze. Also amongst the clear water was approximately 200ml of oil. The coolant reservoir has no evidence of oil and the engine oil cap also is clear.

The mechanic suggested that this may be the turbo failing, I am happy to have the work done but thought I would do some research before giving him instruction.

The following work has also been done

When I purchased the car the gears on the throttle body were worn so I replaced this, I also cleaned the heavy carbon on the EGR. When I had the hose off the throttle body I noticed that it has a generous amount of oil in the pipe, right up to the intercooler. Don’t this is related TBH.

Service and change of fuel filter

Other faults – maybe related?

The car misfires when it is warm and idle only but not when it is cold. When it misfires if I press the accelerator slightly the misfire disappears, again, not sure if it is related

What are your thoughts, what else could it be and how best to try and pinpoint myself?



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I had a 05 plate A4 1.9 with 120k on.
Signs were starting with oil in the coolant. Than, cool air were blown in to the car athough heating was on. Coolant was disappearing somewhere, splattering in the engine bay and when the cap was unscrewed on the expansion tank, it was coming back at pressure, with oil. If it wasn't, had to top it up quite often.
Oil cap was clean, no mustard. Power was there, no loss. Car was fully responsive.
All these signs were positive for head gasket being blown. Had it fixed but sold the car.
New owner have returned to me that all above signs came back few months after purchase and it was blown again. He had it fixed again and never heard from him.

I've seen the gasket when was collecting the car, prior to sale, and been explained were the oil was coming from to the cooling system. It was a small gap allowing it vaguely.
This can also explain oil in your system.

Did any other symptoms I've mentioned showed in your car also?
It cannot be confirmed until all pulled apart but it may indicate starting point for the HG failure.

Not sure if turbo or misfire can be related.


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The coolant level is consistent and the heaters are fine …. For not at least

Am I right to say that if the HG went twice in a short period, there must have been an underlying problem causing this? Or maybe just bad luck L


A6 C6 4F 2010 LeMans Avant
If your coolant is going off or under pressure, heaters are fine, it may be something else.

I'm no mechanic to advise further, just wanted to point out what you may come across if HG would've gone.

I think it was a bad garage who did or didn't do the job correctly at the first time.
Had a massive dispute with him.

Luckily, found another garage who is honest to tell me what's what.

Best of luck pal

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