Audi A4 Avant 1.9 tdi v 2.5 V6 tdi


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I know it's probably been discussed a million times before but I cant find anything recent on it
I'm looking to buy my first A4 Avant and seen a lovely 2004 one with the 2.5 V6 engine (manual)
So, it's just a bit of advice and gage owners experiences with them, I believe the 1.9 engine is totally bulletproof
I just liked the power and the noise the v6 made on test drive
The fuel costs are not the major issue as I'll be doing many motorway miles, so guess there wont be a huge difference in MPG, or am I wrong?
I've also heard the Fuel Pump is a bit a an issue with the 2.5 V6 engine but I guess it's like anything, there's never any guarantees it will or wont fail
Any tips or advice will be most welcome before I make my decision


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I prefer the 2.5 over the 1.9. 1.9 is racier, more nippy, better mpg.

2.5 is just so torque. The mpg varies across the models. I've had a 163bhp, which averaged 45 mpg on the motorway. I've had the 180bhp quattro (remapped to 205bhp) which gave around 40mpg on the motorway.

Every car has potential faults. 1.9 has tandem pump and possible injector loom issues. 2.5 has potential fuel pump failure.

They both could have usual worn suspension issues, grumbling rear diff (if quattro) etc etc.

But for me, it's the V6 EVERY time. Had 3 now and totally loved them all.

Had 2 1.9 tdi and enjoyed them, but nowhere near as much as the big cruiser.


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I pretty much echo all of the above, haven't personally owned a 2.5tdi and have only been in heavily modified one's so I'm probably not the best to judge but I tend to think the 1.9tdi is more economical and reliable but the 2.5tdi has the torque, power and the v6 soundtrack! When modded they're relatively similar really, if I had another Audi I'd probably be more interested in whether it was quattro or not than what engine it has as I tend to plough a load of money into the engine bay of whatever I own anyway haha.

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On my second 2.5 .Quattro sport auto but had a manual first about 8 years ago.My son had the 1.9Q and then my auto so can say they are not easy to compare but it is a treat to drive a 2.5 after the 1.9.However the 2.5 has become an indulgence due to the bigger bills and running costs.Hard to justify buying the 2.5 now unless it has been very well cared for and is cheap which I think they are


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I can't compare the 2.5 against the 1.9 but i can compare the 3.0 & the 1.9, i had a 3.0 & it was good, well actually very good but alas some dickhead wrote it off & i had to get another temporary car quick, found a 1.9 which has been mapped & i have to say i prefer it to the 3.0, pulls like a train economical ultra reliable, this was two years ago & i haven't bothered to look for anything else.


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Thanks for the feedback, I think I’m going to go for the 1.9, just heard so many good things about them and if I want, get it re-mapped in the future for that extra kick
Now it’s just the search for a good one