Audi A4 Avant 1.8T 190


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Feb 9, 2012
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Hello all,

I am looking for the aforementioned model and have seen a few on Autotrader but I am having difficulty finding a Quattro model. I like the idea of Quattro but would I be disappointed if I settled for FWD?

Some of the cars on here look brilliant and I love the shape of the B6 Avant. We need an avant for the dogs and need back seat space for passengers/potential new arrivals etc... and so far the Audi has won my vote.

Any advice with regards things to look out for and any good Remap specialists in Norfolk/Suffolk?

Thanks in advance for any replies.
if you are looking for back seat space for adult passengers you would be better off going for a a6 as alot of people feel it is cramped in the rear of the a4.
a 1.8t quattro will be thirsty imo.
if you drive a quattro then got out and drove a fwd you would be dasappointed, i have owned both and the quattro's handle ALOT better and the grip when pulling away on wet or icy roads is brilliant.
keep looking and hold out for what you really want, i live in suffolk but when we wanted to remap my brothers we couldnt really find anyone local so we went to amd as they are still only a bit over an hour away
I'm thinking a similar thought here.

Personally, I think I'd only really need 4WD in such a few circumstances that I could probably live with FWD. I was originally thinking of getting a Cupra R but could do with the space for an estate so its not going to be "that" much different.

Having said that I'm going to test a Quattro near me over the weekend - good price on but its a saloon.
im not sure why people think they should only buy quattro if they NEED it .
you dont NEED to buy a audi, you chose to.
buy it because the grip and handling is alot better than fwd plus its what audi is all about really !
Short-term, quattro is better, but in the long term the extra fuel cost and higher tax will make you think that you could've lived with a FWD and keep more of your money.

If you can justify the extra cost of a quattro, go for it, you will not be disappointed.
I have a a4 1.8t 190 saloon fwd, havin never driven a awd car i can't really comment, but all I can say is I think my a4 would greatly benefit from having Quattro, e.g. Very Occasionally on a damp road under semi-hard acceleration it spins up, I feel that a little bit of drive from the rear would push the car much better than pulling the fairly weighty car! this might not make alot of sense as is quite hard to explain but it's the sort of thing u can feel when driving but tricky to explain.
to summarise; I love my Audi but....
If a quattro is what you want then I'd hold out for a Quattro if u can, this is the only thing my car is lacking! Other than this it's perfect!
yep the 1.9tdi engines are torquey and its not a smooth progression like the 2.5tdi engines, so the 1.9tdi fwd cars just like to spin the wheels when trying to move fast from t junctions especially in wet conditions, the quattros just grip and push you out wether its soaking wet or not, so much better/nicer to drive.
as for fuel costs, audi claim about a 3mpg difference so unless you are a scrooge you wouldnt notice the difference.
the upside FAR outweighs the slight 3mpg downside.
exactly the same applies to the 1.8t cars with only a 3.2mpg drop.
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Found one today at a garage. 04 with 68k for £7995. No mention of
Quattro but thought I would ask anyway.

Seemed over priced so I asked if it was an error. I also asked if it was a Quattro and that is where the conversation ended.

"No sir it's not a Quattro, it's a 1.8"

I gave the benefit of the doubt and assumed he misunderstood... I asked again...

"No sir it is the 1.8 which is RWD..."

The search continues!
I bet he sells a lot of cars.....

No sunshine this ain't a quattro but it does have 4 wheel drive???? :undwech: