Audi A4 AMI questions

Andrew Smith

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Sister has just recently purchased a 2011 Audi A4 black edition. B8

She has an iPhone 7 so is wondering which AMI lead she needs to connect to the car. There's one that came with the car but is an older wide iPod connection. Think it may have a blue band.

I've tried two that I have in my 2013 A3
Yellow lightning>AMI cable
Black USB>AMI cable.
Both come up on her display that they aren't supported.

I tried connecting my iPhone 7 via Bluetooth which works for tel functions but doesn't seem to play any music when playing through the podcasts app.

Any help with which model lead I need would be great.



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Ring your local dealer ask them, get the price and ask for part number so you can pop in when you get chance. Then buy one off ebay (with the right part number)

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