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Audi A4 3ltr td

dazsherwin Feb 7, 2019

  1. dazsherwin

    dazsherwin New Member Bronze Supporter

    Hi folks need your help

    Me and my wife have had Audi’s for years however we need to trade in our A3 sline sport back to something bigger for space and towing a caravan in the near future. So I’m looking at the A4 Avant 3.0ltr diesel around 2012/13 Quattro. I would just like your advice on how good the engine is and running gear would be very greatfull for your help. Thanks in advance. Daz
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  3. pav911

    pav911 Registered User

    Hi. I've got a 2010 3.0TDI and love it. i had some gearbox issues but they were sorted by the dealer. i think the gearbox is the weak point. it's an s-tronic in the 3.0, which is a dual clutch system. i also think the gearbox got better on the facelift versions if that's what you're looking at. I put a Revo stage 1 remap on the car and it's made it even better, i.e. pulls better. no surprise at the torque goes from 400nm to 500nm.
  4. dazsherwin

    dazsherwin New Member Bronze Supporter

    Awesome thanks for your reply mate
  5. Sherv

    Sherv Registered User

    I went from a A3 (200bhp) to an A4 3.0 tdi B8. Engine is like night and day! So much performance and confort for very long trips up the highlands. Not sure if the 2012 suffers from timing chain issues or swirl flaps problems as the B8 2009 does. Not as good mpg around town as you'd expect from a V6 but better mpg on long trips compared to the A3.

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