Audi A4 2018 (B9) MMI Reboot Problem (screen reboots while driving randomly)


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I've been having a problem with my Audi 2018 A4.

Problem description: Audi MMI system will randomly reboot itself a few minutes (2-3 usually, sometimes longer) into starting the vehicle and driving. The MMI system and the virtual cockpit screen will both go black, audio that is playing (radio/Bluetooth/etc) will abruptly stop, and within 5-10 seconds the screen will light back up with the start-up screen. Within a minute or so the MMI system will connect back to the phone. This may or may not happen again within 5-10 minutes. The problem does appear to happen more frequently in the first 5 minutes of driving. It also seems to happen more frequently in colder months. I raised the issue with Audi on multiple occasions.

I managed to catch it on my phone a few times: here is a dropbox link with the videos of the MMI rebooting mid-driving.
Please watch: VIDEO: Audi A4 2019 MMI Reboot Problem caught on camera.

I dropped the car off at Audi yesterday. Today, the Audi service rep said " Audi is referring us to a technical bulletin... that states that the screen can go blank and restart and/or freeze and then restart afterward and it happens because there is corrupt data in the phone. It basically says that we cannot do anything about it, we are not allowed to replace any of the components and the phone has to be unpair, disconnected, and deleted from the car and then the apps checked and then repaired. " - Service advisor from Audi Dealership in London, Ontario, Canada, today.

I find this hard to believe, I don't see how corrupt data on my phone (iPhone XS Max ) would find its way to the MMI system (unless its contact info like names, numbers, etc) and cause a reboot issue. That being said, I will be unpairing/deleting my phone from the Audi MMI and then factory resetting the MMI. Then I will monitor the vehicle during drives to see if the issue persists. This seems like one of those things where the manufacturer is trying to defer liability onto the owner in order to not have to deal with a technical issue and wait out the warranty period. I could be wrong... will update the forum later. :pride: