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Audi a4 2 tdi maf

locoperro Sep 14, 2018

  1. locoperro

    locoperro New Member

    hi i replaced the maf sensor on my audi. It now judders at idle with the revs fluctuatting by them selves if i unplug the sensor enginr ticks over smooth also when i switch the engine off i get the light symbol and the break warning light followed by the low oil presure light and a beeeeep. If i put the old one back in it all goes back to normal no problems. I have looked around but cant find anyone with all those errors just from changing the maf sensor. Thank you f you can help. On a side note which vag com cable do i need for a audi a4 140 2lt tdi B7 2007 convertible and is 39mpg uk miles normal for motorway driving.
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  3. jay1601

    jay1601 Well-Known Member

    Hex-usb+can or hex V2 cable

    I got a knock off one from China for around £30 last year does everything the genuine cable does.

    Any other fault codes coming up ?

    I got a modded A4 started off as the 140PD 2.0 engine mine returns around 55mpg on the motorway
  4. locoperro

    locoperro New Member


    Hi no error codes as do not have lead yet. Its only when i put the new MAF on all is ok till i turn the engine off then light warning break warning low pressure warning. Put the old one back on. Turn engine off no warnings. Just seems strange that a new MAF would make all those warning lights come on when you turn the engine off . Break warning and low pressure warning. As for the cable i think i need the more expensive HEX-CAN-USB or will VAG K+CAN do. MPG wow 55 best i have had is 42.

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