Audi A4 2.5v6 tdi mini Project *Pic Heavy*


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Hey guys

Well its time to make a project thread, progress on this will be as quick as possible but i want to do it right, i have loads of ideas flowing round in my head to make this my own.
i have only owned the car a week but i have ordered a Pannel filter, and uprated fog lights she is also booked in for a remap at BIGFISH tuning at the end of this month figures should be around 210-215bhp and 320fb :)

took a couple of pics the other day when we have nice weather up north so will let them do the talking. :)









*Future plans*

* Tint windows all round lightly
* Tint Head lights
* Respray front grill
* Glaze polish and scratch repair all round
* Chrome window trim in Black
* 10mm wheel spacers all round


Wingmirror ( puddle lights ) on central locking fob
Door handle lighting in white on central locking fob
HID kit
LED side lights
LED Numberplate lights
Silverline Chrome indicator bulbs


Pipercross Pannel filter
BigFish Remap
RS4 style Exhaust out the back of the Vortex grills

*Interior / tech / audio*

Sline Mats
Cruise control
Front Arm rest
Rear parking sensors
New headunit / Direct replacment

thoughts and comments welcome :) unfortunatly i cant lower her, she just gets off the drive now :(


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cheers dude and yeah i think its kingfisher blue, i know i am just looking for the rs4 tips now :( or an exhaust i can chop them off :)


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Impressive torque figure, I'm hoping to get around 400Nm out of my 2.0TDi with plug and play. Is the pannel filter a K&N type?


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hey mate the pannel filter is pipercross and has come today so will try get it fitted tonight ( its cold and mingin out side )


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just fitted my filter, little step by step pics... realy easy and well worth doing :)




take ducting off

One air Box

Took the top of the air box off.


difference in dirty paper filter and performance filter


drop her in and put all the plastics and box back together


Also fitted new Brighter fog light bulbs
and i have silvertec indicator bulbs to fit soon.



havent driven the car yet with the new filter in but cant see it making that much difference :)

peoples thoughts welcome


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even so, you could have said it nicely i think is what everyone's annoyed about fella, no need to be such a :INSERT RUDE WORD HERE: about it! anyway, forgive and forget n all that. what i wanted to say was nice car fella i like the plans for it!


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oh deer... yeah.. Curt you are right... it is utter ******** haha and Diffas no need to have said it they way you did and unfortunatly i know a fair bit about tuning.. turbos ect ect .. so i will leave it be and i am sure the likes of KnN and pipercross have put millions in to research and develop ment.. i meen i am not just cracking a halfrauds special on and a geet big dump valve on my diesel....

Moderaters can we please clean up the bull **** on my thread so we can move on and foward... i think the discusion of performance pannel filter filtration should be left to a technical thread :)


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Any Way......... little bit of an update

i havent driven the car yet incase the turbo exploded!!! due to the new filter so its sitting on my drive, i took this oportunity to fit some silvertec indicator bulbs to the rear of the car :) very simple subtle cheap mod to get rid of the " Fried Egg" look i also debadged the rear and will be getting a black audi badge instead of the chrome one :)

took the light unit out and cleaned behind the light ( because i am anal)


Light with Orange tinge


Replaced the bulbs both sides and now have the clear look uptop with the amber flash :)


will let you guys know how the car feels when i drive it in regards to the filter change :)


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Don't make it personal guys, each to their own...


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just fitted the front silverline indicators nice and easy and it looks spot on will need to get some pics when its light :)..

proberbly wont have an update until the end of the month :( when she gets the remap and some other lighting bits.. but if i manage to buy any more parts i will no doubt update them on here..

as a matter of interest where would i get retro fit aero blades for this car?


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cheers dude :) cars driving spot on... definatly in need of a remap my mates 328 1996 bmw screams passed the audi like its standing still!! and its got a 180k on the clock :( realy hoping the remap will give it a well deserved kick up the **** as my 1.6vti civic would have torchered the 2.5 v6 as well lol


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Very small update,

bit of a night mare recently tried to change the number plate lights and had a complete ***** on with it so i have decieded to go down this route

will be doing everything right dont want to mess up anything on this car. so i have already got the LED bulbs and i am going to buy the lense and the trim from TPS or Audi :)

yey next update to come once i get the remap next week :)


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also sprayed the audi badge at the back black and the boot trim pannel black, and fitted some snazzy LED side lights ( will get pics tomorrow :)


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From Newcastle matey and nice how did you find them after? i am going to get an exhaust on her after xmass as well :) pics too follow shortly

does any one know where i can get the exhaust trim bits from for the vortex kit as mine seems to not have them ?




i was looking for these sorts of exits mayb instead of cutting the grills and putting rs4 / rs6 style tips. i would just put round tips in.

a bit like this

then fitted my side lights ( just LED Canbus ones )



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Well today i have recieved the documents to put my private plate on the car :) yey but my number palte moulding and lights where in a horrible state.. so a trip to My local TPS sorted me out with OEM replacment parts at a cost of £49 :(








Now have bright lights :)



made a huge difference.. nice easy job todo and no more corrosion :)

next update HID'S, Remap, Puddle lights and door handle Lights :)


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eee well... worth an update?.... had a remap on saturday went down to see john at Big fish and what a difference so much smoother boosting at 1.6bar now

and she drives spot on :)

also bought some Door handle LED lights, Puddle Lights and HIDS ( waiting on them all to come) once they arrive i will get them fitted up ( with pics)

also picking up 10mm spacers for the front and 15mm spacers for the rear to beef up the stance of the wheels :)

will let you know plans in a order of importance when i work it out haha ..

peoples thoughts or comments welcome...


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no problem mate :) will get pics and a wright up sorted out when my auto sparky gets them fitted ( i dont want to feck up electronics) lol


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Well keep up the good work mate, al keep a eye out if am ever over that way! dont think I will miss your car in a hurry lol