Audi A4 2.0TDI 170 Oil Sensor Reading


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Hi All,

Quick question. Picked up my A4 2.0TDI 170 BE yesterday and its lovely. It had 10 miles on the clock when i got it and has now done 174.

As expected when i collected the car there was no oil level indicated, but after around 20 miles it showed 100%, ideal.

I happened to check the level after around 50 miles and was seeing 80%, this soon popped back up to 100% after around 20 miles.

Now i should state that the car is parked on driveway which is sloping, if that makes a difference. I've just taken the car out for a quick spin (under 10 miles) and checked the oil level (purely because i could ha ha!) and was shocked to see the oil level sitting at 25%.

I checked the drive when i got back and its clean so its no leaking, so im guessing either its burning it, or its just "one of those things". Given the car has only done 174 miles, im not about to top it up just yet, and i'll waiting until the car shouts, but can anyone shed any light on this? I've seen some posts about eratic readings but thought i would check.


Should i be worried?




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Never bother trying to read the oil level if you are on any sort of slope as its going to give a false reading.

Next time you fill up with fuel check it then, thats the best time. As it stands now i wouldnt be worried.