Audi A4 2.0 TDI Quattro Black Edition


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Jun 16, 2015
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Think I'm going to order a brand new A4 (one in thread title) in Misano Red or Sepang haven't decided yet. Since the new A4 is coming soon I'm getting a huge discount on the car (over 25% on PCP). I'm only 20 but I will be covering a lot of motorway miles so thats why I think its a good car for me.

Just got a few questions

Saw in a few reviews the A4 can have a firm ride with S Line suspension, is it really that bad or is it better just to stick with the sports suspension?

Optional extras - The black editions do seem to be well equiped but are any of the optional extras worth getting the ones I was thinking was electric door mirrors, audi drive select and damper control or Technology package - advanced?

How often do tyres need to be replaced with the 19" alloys?

Do you think its worth waiting to the new model (even though it will be much more expensive?)



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Mar 10, 2013
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You will be waiting at the very least 6 months before you will get hold of a B9 (new model) and that is not confirmed yet.
If you get the damper control, you won't have to worry about the suspension as it can be suited to your preference/driving conditions, but the S-Line suspension, whilst firm, should be no problem on motorways (well most).
Tyres really do depend on how you drive........could be anywhere between 8K and 25K depending on how you treat them. Fronts will wear quicker than rears, more so on a FWD.