audi a4 2.0 fsi auto (big problems need help plz!!!)


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Hi recently purchased a 2002 audi a4 2.0 fsi auto

engine code AWA
gearbox code GHU

i bought the car with a broken cambelt due to water pump going. I purchased all the parts to have the engine rebuilt and a friend did the job but took to long over it and i personal think he took a job on he couldnt complete so took it back as he couldnt get it to fire. my other m8 pluged it in and found numerous codes and camshaft positon sensor was one no signal etc so purchased a new one and my other mate checked the timing and rebuilt it with new cmashaft sensor and it came back running.

only problems being now that when its put intor drive upon take off it judders but once moving is ok and no more juddering through any other gears or under and acceleration also the engine managment light is on.

i got my other m8 to plug it back in and has now got the fiollowing error codes

p17748 - camshaft position sensor (G40) / engine spped sensor (G28): incor. correlation
p1340-001 upper limit exceeded

17479 - nox sensor (G295) heater control: implausable signal.

i have been told the top code is engine speed sensor vs trans speed sensor not in sync and possible timing is out need help with this now as its becoming a pain in the backside and do not want to keep throwing money at it and sending it here there and everywhere could these error codes be a reason for a judder?

or are the plates in the gearbox going also is my gearbox a 5 plate or 7 plate system?

i really do not want to have to replace this gearbox as they are far to expensive

also after being plugged in it didn't come back with any auto trans fault on the gearbox does that just mean my gearbox ecu is ok as the judder could be caused through a mechanical fault in the box there for not electronic so the machine will not pick it up?

also i do not know any history on this vehicle as in to how she ran prior before the cam belt/chain snapping or what speed the car was doing at time of snap-age etc.

please any help will be very much appreciated
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sounds like a gearbox problem, mine just goes into limp mode, no judder. but i'm breaking it as no one seems able to able to have any idea, some say it's the ecu others just guessing.
2001 2.0 multitronic , won't buy an auto Audi again.


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Hi thanks for reply yea were at the conclusion of two things we want to eliminate first i am going to re run vag 2morro and try to completely eliminate the timing possibilty and then possibly change the trans sensor. and then i wouldnt know were my m8 wants to go from there because its just going to become a money pit for him. Its more than likely going to be the gearbox as it seems common for these cars. i break vw,s also myself from time to time i prefer the golfs and mainly do tdi's diesel is the way froward but each tio there own i also said to him thou for how much the car owes him at the moment he can break it to make a tidy profit.


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i used to break a lot of mk4 golf's too. he will make a tidy profit breaking the b6, Had £90 just for the glovebox alone.