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For Sale Audi A4 1.9 TDI B5 shape / 2000

670ak Feb 15, 2019

  1. 670ak

    670ak Registered User

    2000 Audi A4 1.9 TDI 4dr Saloon Manual B5

    12m MOT to be completed upon sale

    I’ve not got all the info to hand so bear with me...

    The car has belonged to an elderly friend of ours who hung up his driving gloves, meaning his faithful Audi is now for sale. I had always wanted the car, but after having spent the best part of a year getting my own Audi just the way I like it, plus paying £400 on a set of tyres alone last month, I just can’t justify this one as a ‘keeper.

    The mileage will have to be double checked, but believe it to be somewhere just past the 100,000 mile mark, so low for one of these. It’s fitted with the bulletproof 1.9 TDI engine, unsure of exact bhp but has the red ‘I’ on the bootlid, and always felt pretty quick, though I doubt it would’ve been chipped or modified in anyway.

    The car is in great order, the bodywork from what I remember is very good, there is some surface rust on the insides of the front arches and perhaps one or two giffer scuffs, but it is 19 years old after all. Inside is clean and tidy, no heavy wear to the seats and the carpets have always been covered by two sets of mats.

    All consumables will be in good working order ie tyres, battery, brakes etc. All servicing & maintenance over the years would’ve been kept on top of and the cambelt has been done. I am sure it has some service history, maybe even FSH, but again will have to check. Regardless it’ll have almost certainly have been looked after as the owner was always tinkering with it.

    A late B5 has always been one of my favourite shapes, though I’ve noticed they are getting rarer these days and most other diesels out there are likely to be more basic in terms of bhp/spec, and will have covered high mileages by now, so I don’t want to be giving it away.

    I am not quite sure what it’s worth but feel £1,150 to not be unreasonable for what’s likely to be one of the nicer ones out there. It currently has a private plate on it which I wouldn’t mind putting onto my works van to hide it’s age, and whilst I wrote earlier that it’ll come with a years MOT, this hasn’t actually been done yet, it’s still got a while yet on the current certificate (Aprox 4 months to run) - I’m sure would pass it’s next with ease - hence willing to take offers with/without the private plate or new MOT.

    Located Inverness-shire but delivery (at cost) could possibly be organised over the next coming weeks. Would rather collection from here however, and a quick sale would be preferable as there won’t be any room on the driveway. Please get in touch if interested - no photos handy but will update thread as soon as I’m able too - most likely Thursday 21st
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  3. 670ak

    670ak Registered User

    More photos on request

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