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Audi A3 - Upgrading my Single Din Concert to a Double Din Unit...Advice Anyone?????

Lee78 Nov 1, 2010

  1. Lee78

    Lee78 Registered User

    I'm wanting to upgrade my Single Din Concert Stereo to an RNS-E on my 2005 Audi A3. I know there's a fair bit of work involved etc.... a double din cage, switches, tray and alter my climate control unit to fit the RNS-E.

    Has anyone done this recently and recommend any suppliers in the UK for the RNS-E aswell as the switches etc or anyone selling any of these themselves??
    I've been looking on Ebay but a little sceptical about the RNS-E's on there sourced from Europe.
    I've also seen this:
    7"HD LCD TMC DVB-T GPS RDS USB iPod BT SD for AUDI A3 on eBay (end time 16-Nov-10 14:58:01 GMT)

    Anyone got any thoughts on this
    Cheers for your help
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  3. Swanny356

    Swanny356 Registered User

    Just done this - theres a great link here
    DIY:Single to Double Din Conversion for Audi A3

    should tell you all you need to know. Obviously can get them from Audi but E-bay was my shopping ground as quite a few do come up. I've just put my old single unit on there.

    Good luck - Let me know if you need any more details
  4. Lee78

    Lee78 Registered User

    Cheers for the link, will be a massive help..
    Bought myself an RNS-e system off a chap on this forum, which i'm collecting on Sunday... Just busy sourcing the d-din cage and switches etc. Looking forward to installing it..
    Hope your enjoying ur new system
  5. Juned Hussain

    Juned Hussain Registered User

    Can any one in London (UK) do this for me? I'll pay £100. I have all the parts. Double din cage and buttons. All i need is someone to fit the cage, buttons, my navigation system and trim the climate control. Email me on: juned90@hotmail.co.uk if anyone can do this. I will travel to you if you are in london

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