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Audi A3 tdi hesitation at 2000rpm

Patrick Trower Oct 19, 2019

  1. Patrick Trower

    Patrick Trower New Member


    Just wondered if anyone else could assist. Our Audi A3 tdi 140 bhp 2011 is hesitating at around 2000 rpm.
    The story, last year the car went into limp mode with egr fault, I reset the fault and thought I would give it an Italian tune up. I had it on the drive WOT and noticed a squealing so let it rest. I had killed the turbo, had it refurbished at a garage and refitted, they said the shaft had snapped. Before this I took of the egr valve and cleaned out the cooler, totally blocked. Got the car back and the car hesitated at about 1800-2000 rpm if you took your foot slightly off or back on it would clear, the car made a gulping sound when it happened. They changed the MAF checked injectors etc checked accelerator pedal etc no faults found. I though the egr was perhaps at fault. We left it a while as no fault lights, about 3k miles later it went into limp again and egr valve was at fault. I have since had the egr valve blanked re-mapped and dpf removed. The car still has the same fault but goes really well and the mpg is back up to 60 + on a run. The car also sounds like it is pinking.(it has done this for years when WOT under load. I was going to next try a service kit on the tandem pump??? fuel filter is clean slight deposits of metal particles on the top of the filter. The car has been brilliant up until about 187k now on 196 and the rest of the car is perfect, really want to get to the bottom of it and any advice? Hope I have put this in the right place first time on the forum.

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