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Audi A3 Steering wheel clock spring and steering angle sensor help

Ant b Jun 16, 2019

  1. Ant b

    Ant b Member

    Hello I’ve recently acquired a 2004 Audi A3,
    But it has quite a few faults main ones being steering angle senser and a red steering wheel,also 4 air bag faults and the horn dosent work.
    I have scanned the car with vcds and got the the faults for the steering angle sensor and the airbags and someone said to me the horn not working and the airbag faults would most likely be the slip ring.
    I’ve found the identical part numbers for the slip ring to get a new one,I’ve also found a nearly the same steering angle senser every number on mine matches except the /sn number on the bottom,is that important as I carnt find a exact match.
    Also as I’m replacing these parts like for like with matching part numbers will they need coding?
    I have a full vcds but have never coded anything and wouldent no were to start.
    Thank you

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