Audi A3 Sportback or A4 Avant


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Jan 22, 2003
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Well it's just over two years with my S3 now gone over the 70K mark (well it's a company car & I get about a bit).
I will hit the 100K mark before the end of the lease.

It's been pretty good really despite the gearbox failing through a busted selector on 37K.
The 2nd gearbox has been much better - it does not seem as tight as the old one though still quite easy to crunch gears.
Also had a new radiator after they replaced the gearbox - me thinks they damaged it when taking the last gearbox out.
Spent a month off the road over a year ago via the dreaded coilpack saga.
For a 70K it still seems as eager as it was at 20K miles interior has stood up well all so with no creaks or rattles.

I really want to stay with the brand partly due to having a good dealer though with company car tax getting silly, diesels (unless Brown decided to deliver a diesel stealth tax) are the way forward, I drove the A3 though very nice I think a couple of extra doors would be useful being a family man.

Anyone know the dates in the UK for the A3, I've also heard the A4 is being revamped as the RS4 (current shape) comes out this Autumn.

So its the A3 sportback or perhaps the A4 Avant.