Audi A3 s-line turn signals relay drl installation


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Jun 9, 2019
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Hi guys, I am trying to install a drl led sequential on my car. It is registered the end of 2004. The day lights are working and the turn signal of the drl are working on not started car, just on contact. When start the car, the turn signal of the drl not working. Bought a drl controller and yesterday we tried again with no success. Ordered a different drl sequential as well and same thing. We manage to make it flash few times for the turn signal but not enough. I am wondering if I change my turn signals relay with one from a newer model A3 is it will gonna work or ... I will appreciate ideas how to make it work. Btw with the 1st drl my car battery went completely drained. Never happened before not to be able to start the car. I have read that is because it confuses the ecu and overdone the battery.


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