Audi A3 S-Line 3.2 Quatro - Noise


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Hi All
I'm new here so hi and go gentle...

I recently purchased an 04 plate A3 and had a few issues which I got fixed under the RAC warranty however one issue they couldn't fix which is a really strong deep groaning noise when on full lock in reverse. They replaced the rear diff but with no joy, anyone have any ideas?

Also since I picked the car up its doing a real load bearing type noise from the front this wasn't there before and they told me it was tyre noise (they are cheap tyres on the front) but I'm not convinced, video of the noise attached:

Mike X

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Tyres really can throw up some odd noises , I had a couple of budget jobs on the front of my 3.2 and they used to howl .
Could the smoke be from a new part fitted , exhaust etc ?