Audi A3 Rear Parking Sensors Aftermarket Kit Adivse


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Hi Guys,

Planning on changing my rear sportback bumper to a facelift one with the changeable lower splitter/valance.

Seen a bumper at a decent price not too far from me and it has the holes for the parking sensors, so i inevitably i started looking into parking sensors lol.

I understand a full OEM retrofit can be done on the parking sensors but cost is slightly steeper on that side.

I've come across this aftermarket kit on ebay:

eBay - Item # 180908345108

The seller is also offering to paint the x4 sensors for an additional £6.99 if you give him your paint code!

Power is taken from the reverse light bulb so when that comes on in reverse the system activates.

Was just wondering what your thoughts are on this?

Is it worth going for and should these sensors fit in the oem holes of a genuine back bumper?

All thoughts and opinions are highly appreciated guys!

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